ColoredTimer Yoga

ColoredTimer Yoga ColoredTimer Yoga

In brief
When you practise Yoga, it is useful to be aware of time. Yet, most timers are difficult to read from distance. ColoredTimer Yoga is different as it shows time not only digitally, but also by changing its colour, so that you can get an idea of how much time has passed at a single glance. ColoredTimer Yoga is preconfigured for typical Yoga exercises, yet it is very easy to customise the time periods and their colour.


  • Set time points or ranges along the color-wheel with 12 different colors (or a virtually unlimited set of colors in ColoredTimer PRO)
  • Attribute custom images and sounds to each time points or range
  • Use up to 5 different timers (24 in ColoredTimer PRO)

Basic setup: First chose the total time of the timer by moving the three picker controls in the center for seconds, minutes and hours, respectively. Then press the “play” button in the lower right to start the timer. As the indicator circle moves around from the 12 o’clock position the background color changes according to the color wheel. Importantly, the time that has passed is also shown digitally in the center of the color wheel. The timer can be paused at any time by pressing the “pause” button. While the timer is running or paused, it is possible to move back or forth in time by dragging the round circle with the crosshair to a different position. Once the crosshair reaches again the 12 o’clock position time is up and a sound is played. Also the center of the wheel changes from gray to black, showing the overrun time in red digits.

Configuring the color-wheel: The color wheel can be customized. The start and end colors can be set after pressing the corresponding buttons in the top. Each time position or range can be assigned a color, a picture and a sound. These are called events. Intermediate events are defined by pressing the name of the timer in the bottom center. This will open a window showing all timer “events”: Here you can also add and remove events. Events can also be added by dragging the cross hair to some position along the color wheel in standby mode (when the timer is not running).

Advanced features: Usually the space between events on the color wheel gradually interpolates between the events, but you can also just display the events with grey space in-between. Toggle between these two display modes by a double-tap anywhere on the screen. You can also configure this and other aspects of ColoredTimer Yoga by pressing the “menu button” in the lower left and selecting the ‘Settings’ panel. This includes whether the remaining or passed time is shown (also toggled by pressing the digital display in the center while the timer is running) or whether auto locking of the display should be disabled.  Finally ColoredTimer Yoga can handle multiple timers. Swipe left or right to move between timers and press the name of the current timer in the bottom to open a dialog for viewing, adding, deleting and configuring the name of a timer.